My name is Sidra Khan and I’m an fully trained and accreddited counsellor/psychotherapist. I work mainly from a person centred view and also employ an integrative approach to therapy where appropriate, according to each client’s individual needs. I hold an honours degree in psychology and  I’m also a fully trained NHS approved, Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have also trained in some Cognitive behavioural therapy such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
I’m a fully accredited member of the National Counselling Society and registered member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy. All of these leading organsiations are accredited by the professional standards authority for Health and Social Care.  As with all professional counsellors/psychotherapists, I’am also covered by professional indemnity insurance and am a firm believer in continuing professional development.
I come from a varied, academic background in psychology and have over ten years’ experience working with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the issues which I have worked with include: Mental health issues, dealing with negative emotions, relationships issues, weight issues, domestic violence, general anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, insomnia, weight issues, and various other issues.
I adhere to NCS and NCH strict code of ethics and believe that any clients seeking therapy, should be treated by a fully professional and ethical therapist who  is registered as a full member with a leading professional membering body which is accredited by the professional standards authority. The professional standards authority accredits registers to help people get better care by ensuring that the health practitioners they register are competent and trustworthy and trained to a high standard. The  NCH and NCS  are all accredited by the professional standards authority.


Accreditation and Membership

My National Counselling Society membership number is NCS16-03198. The NCS is one of the first organisations to gain Accredited Register status with the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register programme. 

The National Council of Hypnotherapy: My NCH membership number is: 5620. The National council of hypnotherapy is the largest hypnotherapy register that currently regulates and monitors high standards of hypnotherapy practice.
  • Bsc honours degree in psychology.
  • Advance Diploma in psychotherapeutic Counselling
  •  Diploma in Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Practitioner training in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Practitioner training in Timeline therapy
  • Coaching training
  • Work based training in CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • Work based training in behaviour and communication
  • Work based training in introduction to complex trauma
  • Work based training in alcohol awareness
  • Registered hypnotherapist with the National council of Hypnotherapy
  • Registered professional Psychotherapist/Counsellor with the National Counselling Society.
  • Registered Hypnoband practitioner
  • Over 7 years’ experience working with clients from a variety of back grounds in my previous jobs in the social health field: Mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders, domestic violence, substance misuse, complex needs, anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, sleep disorders and various other numerous issues in the mental health/social care field.
My Story
Why did I choose to become an fully qualified counsellor trained in clinical hypnotherapy?
Its all good having the qualifications, education and experiencing working with clients- but I believe that life experience is imperative in order to really ‘click’ with your clients and understand what’s going on.
There was a time in my past, when I knew what it felt like to be at an all time low: bullied, emotionally taunted and abused, feeling humiliated, depressed, and unsure about the future- and the list goes on.  Even though I carried on with the everyday ‘blur’ that was my life at the time, I also carried the burden of my traumas in my past with me.
The truth is that you DON’T have to feel like that.
During my early twenties I began to read self-help books about ways to feel better and more confident about myself. I took a leap of faith and visited a therapist/Counsellor who also practised clinical hypnotherapy .  After just a few sessions, I felt so much lighter-I found that I was able to start to look at the things that happened to me in my past in a new way. It dawned on me that I didn’t have to feel ‘bad’ anymore. The truma of my past was no longer a dead weight dragging behind me.
I began to realise that if I could be helped- than so could others. Over the course of therapy, personal reflection and reading, I began to really understand the power of the human mind and learn that I could let go of negative emotions and move on. I realised that it was up to  me to create what I wanted in my life. The way the human psyche worked had always interested me- I always felt a need to attempt to understand others and why they did the things they did- perhaps due to my experiences.  I therefore enrolled on a Psychology Bsc degree, graduated with honors, and eventually gained lots of experience working in the social care and mental health fields. I had moved on from my past with renewed hope and learnings.
After years working within various social care/mental health settings, attending various trainings such as CBT, mental health legislation, keyworking, action planning and various other. I realised I wanted to do further training and embark on a more challenging career for myself. I knew that helping people was something that defined me, and I wanted to continue doing this in my own way. I therefore embarked on various  challenging courses to become a professional and accreddited therapist.  After graduating with distinction upon completion of my training in counselling and hypnotherapy (and many years of experience and training whilst working with clients) Mind Lounge Therapy was born.
I’m a great example that you can overcome a traumatic past and deal with issues that may cause you to suffer.  If I can feel so positive about my life now, than so can you.
Feeling calmer day by day, I’m able to handle situations more favourably and enjoying social situations more…I”m in control of my life” Female, Slough

Feel free to call me for a FREE phone consultation.  There’s no obligation to book a session. I’am here to help.




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