Anger managed: In one session.

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I was recently seeing a client for anger management.  The big problem with this particular client was that she was going to drive all her loved ones away by her episodes of anger. For the purposes of confedentiality. we’ll refer to this client as Jane. Jane was a woman who had recently began to lash out at her loved ones. Previously divorced, she informed me that she felt insecure and jelous when her partner’s attention was not on her. She had a particular issue with her partner talking to other women. Stress at work only served to contribute to this anger as well as stress regarding her parent’s illness. When a case history was taken of her anger it was found that the anger had really started from a few months ago due to increasing presessure at work.  The pressures at work, the stress, et.c were only a ‘trigger’ and there were underlying reasons for the anger. Through questioning and ‘chunking’ down, Jane admitted that she was scared that her partner would leave her and that she would be alone. This fear of loneliness or being alone- was the real cause of the anger. Anger for Jane was a defence mechanism- a means of showing ‘who was boss’ in a sense of ‘feeling in control’. However, what would have happened if Jane contininued to get angry at loved ones? She would have driven them away, and ultimately she would have become the victim of being alone- something that she was vastly afraid of. Being alone. We did some work on releasing the negative emoitons, the anger, jelousy etc. then other therrepuetic and tailored suggestions on confidence building, positivity and self esteem and tools that she could use for stress management, anger realease..

From the feedback that Jane gave me. She is now a much calmer person and just from that one session, she no longer feels inappropriately angry and feels much more in control with regards to managing her anger.  We are now in the process on working on increasing Jane’s confidence levels.

I wanted to share this example to highlight that whilst hypnotherapy can sometimes work wonders even from just one session, and how it can often impact positively on ‘all’ aspects of the client’s life and not necessarily just the one that they initially came to improve on.

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