I cant sleep!

It’s 3am in the morning yet you’re tossing and turning for the last 4 hours. You have a meeting in the morning, you need to get the kids ready for school tomorrow, try to cram some more info before the exam, hit the gym and the list goes on. Argh! Can’t sleep. Feeling exhausted but Continue reading »

Worrying the right way

Let’s face it. We all know that worrying produces stress and stress triggers the ‘flight and fight’ response which produces a rush of adrenaline. This response leads to high blood pressure, increased heart rate and can even have an impact on your digestion. Worrying can lead to lowered immunity, sleepless nights, including depression and anxiety. Continue reading »

Why the thought of a warm drink makes me happy

Cold nights and curled up in front of the telly, a steaming hot mug of tea to warm me. Having a chat with a friend over tea. Or what about when you’re out in the cold- hand freezing- and you buy a cup of tea or coffee. Eager hands wrapped around that hot warmth of Continue reading »

How do I forgive and forget?

Sometimes the pain and trauma of the events that certain people have afflicted on us, can seem too much to bear. Bitterness, anger, resentment are just some of the negative emotions that can feel like a heavy chain dragging us and reminding us of the hurt they have caused, triggering within us episodes of anger, Continue reading »

3 effective techniques for quick stress relief

Lets face it. In today’s fast paced modern world of work, family commitments,  smart phones and minimal sleep, it can be tricky trying to relax when it all seems to be getting too much… We all know that it’s important to try to relax where we can. However, relaxation does not mean just chilling out Continue reading »

Negativity gone from your life

Throughout our lives and experience people can develop an unhealthy negative pattern of thinking that can become difficult to deter from. Hypnotherapy can help people to ‘reprogramme’ more positive and happier way of thinking and seeing our world.   ‘Im not good enough’ ‘I hate myself’ ‘He doesn’t like me’ ‘What if.…’ ‘She’s only saying Continue reading »

Eliminate fears with hypnosis

The power of therapy  can be used to tackle fears and phobias. Most fears tend to develop as a result of of trumatic experiences or can even be learnt behaviours. These fears are often situations where a person may have an irratonal fear about something that realistically, poses little or possibly no danger. The person Continue reading »

Anger managed: In one session.

I was recently seeing a client for anger management.  The big problem with this particular client was that she was going to drive all her loved ones away by her episodes of anger. For the purposes of confedentiality. we’ll refer to this client as Jane. Jane was a woman who had recently began to lash Continue reading »

The NHS and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been proved  very effective at treating the symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, which is characterised by abdominal pain or discomfort, cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or both. Its symptoms can range from mild to very severe and debilitating. In a study at whittington hospital,where the first NHS hypnotherapy unit is established, more Continue reading »

Hypnobirthing and why it works

Hypnotherapy (hypnobirthing)  for pregnancy is a fantastic therapeutic technique used to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation during pregnancy. It helps the prospective mother to experience the most comfortable, relaxing childbirth without using pain medication and reduce discomfort and depression. The benefits of hypnobirthing are numerous. Some of them include: Potentially reduced labour Reduced fears and Continue reading »