The Myths of Hypnotherapy

There are a lot of common misconceptions and myths about hypnotherapy that people have confused with the old fashioned view of hypnotists with the magicians hat and pendulum that they may see on stage or read from fiction books. e.g. hypnotist having control over someone and getting them to dance on stage! Clinical, therapeutic hypnotherapy Continue reading »

Do you need some business advice?

Iffy Khan our specalist Business consultant and personal coach is on hand to offer his expertise and guidance in the world of business. If you feel you are struggling in your business or not making as much money as you could then an appointment with Iffy Khan may be needed. From building a business plan Continue reading » smoking cessation

Iam a member of and specialise in using clinical hypnotherapy to treat clients for smoking. Because Clinical hypnotherapy uses the power of the subconscious mind to create change- change in the way we think, feel and behave. Smoking- just like any other behavior is  learned and just like any other behavior, can be Continue reading »

Relaxation and why its beneficial..

Relaxation is not just about sitting in front of the TV or reading a good book- but real relaxation is about ‘letting go’ of any tension or negative thoughts and really experiencing the calm and tranquility that just overtakes you during relaxation.Its surprising how many people, don’t truly relax nowadays. Ever tried meditation? If you Continue reading »

Mind over matter

Mind over Matter; Hypnotherapy and the power of the mind   A patient underwent dental treatment to remove two rotten teeth. Due to the costs of the treatment the patient decided to undergo dental work with a dentist that used hypnotherapy as the only pain relief! This was at the Smile and wellbeing clinic in Stortford. Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy in the media

Hypnotherapy in the media Recently,  a young boy was stuck in Abu Dhabi for well over a year due to his fear of flying. An hypnotherapist helped him to overcome his fear of flying. He was very happily reunited with his family.   Hypnotherapy is popular with the Royal Family. Kate Middleton went to a Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy may help to control Pain

  We have all had experience of pain at some time in our life and know that it is not a pleasant experience at all. Notice how some people have a higher threshold for pain then other? The degree to which people may feel pain can depend on their culture, psychological structure, environment as well Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy that changes perceptions

Hypnotherapy that changes perceptions in an ‘unchangeable’ circumstance. During the early start of my career I was seeing a client for depression and anxiety. She had been depressed for a very long  time. The reasons for this client’s depression were very complicated and mainly due to family / marriage problems, as well as several health Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Why does Hypnotherapy for weight loss work?     Hypnotherapy is about changing your thinking and attitude towards food. Hypnotherapy works wonderfully every time in achieving weight loss gradually over time. Why use Hypnotherapy to lose weight? Firstly, there is NO DIETING involved! No surgery- no risks.There will be no weigh ins, no strict guidelines Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy,amygdala; key to controlling your emotions

Hypnotherapy, the amygdala and the key to controlling your emotions Research regarding the effects of hypnotherapy  on the brain, suggests that hypnotherapy gives a person the ability to control their amygdala. The amygdala is a section of the brain that involves emotion and memory.The amygdala  also contributes to regulation of hormones, the autonomic nervous system Continue reading »