Eliminate fears with hypnosis

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The power of therapy¬† can be used to tackle fears and phobias. Most fears tend to develop as a result of of trumatic experiences or can even be learnt behaviours. These fears are often situations where a person may have an irratonal fear about something that realistically, poses little or possibly no danger. The person experiences a feeling of ‘no control’ over their fear or phobia, despite knowing at a concious level that the fear or phobia is exaggerated or unfounded. Phobias can often develop during childhood and tend to become worse during adulthood as the fear or phobia is continuously reinforced by ‘triggers’ that reinforce the fear or phobia. Some symptoms of the phobia or the ‘trigger’ that produces the symptoms of the phobias include: increased heart beat, dizziness, trembling, fear of faiting, anxiety, fear of losing control etc, shortness of breath as well as various other symptoms.

The general type of phobias include natural environmental phobias; e.g. snakes, darkness, heights etc. Animal phobias; fear of certain animals such as dogs, frogs, snakes etc. Blood-illness or injury phobias; Such as fear of being ill, hospitals, fear of blood etc. Then finally situational phobias such as fear of dentists, flying, tunnels, social situations, driving etc.

(Please note that phobias are not just limited to the above. People can often develop irratinal fears about random and odd objects as well. e.g. fear of shoes, buttons etc.

How can hypnotherapy help with phobias or fears?

Its important to understand that phobias are often the association of the ‘object’ or trigger and the feeling of fear. People will often realise prior to develping the phobia that the object that triggered their phobic response is not dangerous, yet once the association is formed between the object and the fear reaction, most people will feel like they have no control over their fear reaction. This lack of control further reinforces that feeling of fear, thus often leading to a full blown phobia.

.Hypnotherapy is excellent in helping people eliminate phobias as it helps to re-programme the minds reaction to the trigger that causes the fear or phobia. Often, the initial sensitising event may be explored in order to find out the root cause of the phobia and eliminate the phobic reaction in favour of a more positive and healthier way of thinking towards the ‘phobic’ response. When these positive thoughts are used, this helps to ‘break’ the association between the fear reaction and the object replacing them with feelings of positivity, relaxation and calm.

Try a hypnotherapy session to help eliminate your fear or phobia and be free to live your life the way you really want to.

















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