Negativity gone from your life

Throughout our lives and experience people can develop an unhealthy negative pattern of thinking that can become difficult to deter from. Hypnotherapy can help people to ‘reprogramme’ more positive and happier way of thinking and seeing our world.


82556832 (2)‘Im not good enough’

‘I hate myself’

‘He doesn’t like me’

‘What if.…’

‘She’s only saying that because she’s just trying to make me feel better’

‘I can’t do this’

Do you find yourself saying at least one (or more) of the above on occasion or even all the time’? No one is born negative but all too often negative patterns of thinking develop or are learned as a result of our life experiences and the people around us. Sometimes, rather unconciously we ‘learn’ particular behavours from those around us when growing up. Ever notice how sometimes that little (rather annoying) negaive voice in our head is not our own, but may be a parents, a friend, a teacher?

Think of how you were as a young child- before life’s experiences and the people around really began to make an impact on you. Were you negative then? No! Of course not. Children do anything they like- because they believe they can do it; climbing trees, saying anything they like, playing games and just having fun!

So what’s your point?

Thinking negatively is not an innate or instictive process! We were not born negative. That means we can ‘unlearn’ patterns of negative thinking as its just a learnt behaviour like most other behaviours.

If this process of negative thinking is not instinctual then that means we are not negative people- we can be the ‘real’ us- just like when we were young, carefree children but with life’s wisdom and maturity.

So what are some ways of banishing negative ways of thinking?

  • Learn to ‘let’ go of the little things in life that normally would have caused you to worry/ Just relax!
  • Self sabotage-stop listening to all the negative stuff you say about yourself. Make the most of your abilities and just ‘relax’ about the things you can’t change.
  • Manage your expectations; manage dissapointments and create your expectations so that they are realistic and achieveable.
  • Stop feeling guilty; what’s happened in your life- has happened- forgive others, yourself and move on. Take a new view to life and move on with it.
  • See the best in others; Judge people with an open mind. Not negatively- until you’ve at least given them a chance.
  • Stop regretting- learn from your mistakes and move on. Stop regretting about the things that you can’t change.
  • Stop over analysing; Learn to accept things for they are! If someone compliments you- accept it! Don’t over analyse and try to figure out why that person complimented you or try to find a reason.
  • Take responsibility for your actions; try not to blame others for the way you are or the things that have happened in your life. Develop an honesty with yourself, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.


The above is easier said than done- you might think. But clinical hypnotherapy can help. Think of how much better you would feel if you could stop that vicous cycle of negative thinking? Negativity is something that is almost infectious and easily picked up by us- often learnt rather unconciously by the subconcious mind. The subconcious mind is often the ‘dwelling’ of where all that negativety and emotional turmoil is stored and learnt and can be unlearnt by the process of hypnotherapy. If you want to try a path of positivity, then do consider having a therapy session and start to feel better today.




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