Hypnotherapy,amygdala; key to controlling your emotions

Hypnotherapy, the amygdala and the key to controlling your emotions

bigstockphoto_Woman_Full_Of_Success_4026014 Research regarding the effects of hypnotherapy  on the brain, suggests that hypnotherapy gives a person the ability to control their amygdala.

The amygdala is a section of the brain that involves emotion and memory.The amygdala  also contributes to regulation of hormones, the autonomic nervous system and heart rate/blood pressure.

In hypnosis, a hynotherapist can help to relax their client’s  ‘fight,  flight’ response or the autonomic nervous system by temporarily ‘turning off’ the amygdala so that the client is able to stop any emotional triggers that may occur.

According to Frank and Mooney 2002, turning off the amygdala temporarily during hypnotherapy allows the body and its immune system to heal which may account for the numerous therepuetic benefits of hypnotherapy. All emotions and fears are ‘shut off’ and the body can relax.

If research continues to evidence this significant link between hypnotherapy and our emotions, than it opens a whole new range of possibilities for people and is only further  evidence that the benefits of hypnotherapy are countless. Imagine the things that we could do if we could let go of all the emotional turmoil, have better control of our emotional states and release the negative emotions that  often hold people back in life… if used properly…the potential of Clinical hypnotherapy is endless..

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