Hypnotherapy that changes perceptions

Hypnotherapy that changes perceptions in an ‘unchangeable’ circumstance.

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During the early start of my career I was seeing a client for depression and anxiety. She had been depressed for a very long  time. The reasons for this client’s depression were very complicated and mainly due to family / marriage problems, as well as several health issues.

In the first session we talked about the issues surrounding the depression. This particular client was in one of those situations where they felt ‘stuck’ in their particular situation and unable to move forward or make the right decisions for a variety of practical reasons- namely financial. The main cause of her depression, was because of her current situation- and sometimes, it is just a practical matter of helping the client to ‘move’ from that situation to a situation that is better.  I must admit, it was a frustrating experience at times-one of those situations where you wish you could help the client to resolve those issues but they feel unable to, because they feel ‘stuck’. This client seemed inclined not to take much action for her own reasons, during the session.

During the course of the session, it was evident  that this client was not ready for such a big change. That at that moment, she wanted better control of herself and how she perceived the situation and to help her- decide for herself, what was the best course of action for her. Basically, for now, she wanted to feel much better in a situation that was the main cause of her depression. Difficult thing to do?

We did a lot of talking- a lot of it practical advice and then this was followed by hypnotherapy tailored specifically to help her choose the right decisions for her. This client felt trapped and ‘stuck’ and the idea was to help this client give the power of choice and create potential possibilities and solutions for herself because she felt so stuck in her life.

This was a powerful learning experience for me  That sometimes it’s not about helping clients ‘overcome’ the underlying causes of their apparent problem, but rather hypnotherapy is about giving clients the tools to help them decide for themselves what is the best way to overcome their problem- when they are ready to.  Sometimes it’s a matter of using hypnotherapy to change one’s perception of their current circumstances- in a situation that they feel- they cannot move away from. This also enables the client to think with more clarity and feel less clouded or overwhelmed by external circumstances that can often affect one’s judgement and thinking processes.

The feedback from this client has been very positive. She no longer feels as depressed about her situation and feels more positive about her future- She also feels more in control-despite still being in a situation and a relationship which was the main cause of her depression. I hope, with time, and more sessions, she will feel confident enough to make the decision that she feels is right for her.

Sidra Khan: MBPsS, DipHyp, HPD, PNLP

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