Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Why does Hypnotherapy for weight loss work?    90361678

Hypnotherapy is about changing your thinking and attitude towards food. Hypnotherapy works wonderfully every time in achieving weight loss gradually over time.

Why use Hypnotherapy to lose weight?

Firstly, there is NO DIETING involved! No surgery- no risks.There will be no weigh ins, no strict guidelines about what you can and can’t eat. (yes you can eat everything, as long as its in moderation). No measuring body fat and BMI- None of that. The aim is for gradual, healthy weight loss- no quick weight loss techniques or fad diets but just the use of effective Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

Hypnotherapy is about discovering your relationship with food, if there are any underlying reasons for your weight gain and using Hypnotherapy and NLP to communicate effectively with your mind and get the weight loss results you deserve.


  •  Researchers analysed 18 studies comparing cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy for weight loss. Those clients who received the hypnotherapy lost more weight than 90% of the non hypnosis group. They also maintained the weightloss for at least two years after treatment ended. Source:Allison DB, Faith MS. Hypnosis as an adjunct to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for obesity: a meta-analytic reappraisal.

(Source:J Consult Clin Psychol. 1996;64(3):513-516.)

  •  Two studies compared overweight smoking and non smoking adult women in an hypnotherapy based weight loss program. Both achieved significant weight losses and decreases in body mass index. Follow up studies replicated weight loss findings and declined in body mass index.

(Source: Weight loss for women: studies of smokers and nonsmokers using hypnosis and multi-component treatments with and without overt aversion. Johnson DL, Psychology Reprints. 1997 Jun;80(3 Pt 1):931-3.

  •  A randomised group of two groups who received hypnotherapy vs a group who received just dietary advice and nasal airway pressure treatment alone in 60 obese patients with sleep apnea showed that the stress reduction with hypnotherapy achieved significantly more weight loss than just the dietary advice and nasal airway pressure treatment alone.

(Source: J Stradling, D Roberts, A Wilson and F Lovelock, Chest Unit, Churchill Hospital, Oxford, OX3 7LJ, UK)

The weight loss hypnotherapy programme is only three sessions long.

Contact me now today and achieve the slimmer you. Help is available if you either want to lose weight or maintain the weight your currently have.

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