Hypnotherapy in the media

Hypnotherapy in the media

Recently,  a young boy was stuck in Abu Dhabi for well over a year due to his fear of flying. An hypnotherapist helped him to overcome his fear of flying. He was very happily reunited with his family.


Hypnotherapy is popular with the Royal Family. Kate Middleton went to a Clinical Hypnotherapist to seek treatment with Increasing her appetite during her pregnancy.


Hypnotherapy is not just popular with Kate. Hypnotherapy has been popular with the royal family. Princess Diana also used hypnotherapy for confidence with public speaking and Sarah Ferguson used it for weight loss




Kevin Costner used hypnotherapy to help him with Sea Sickness.



Hypnotherapy has reportedly been used by Bruce Willis. (to help combat his childhood stutter)

Kate Middleton Seeks Hypnotherapy to Increase Appetite and Other Celebs Who've Tried Hypnosis

Jessica Alba has also reportedly used hypnotherapy for hypnobirthing.



Hypnotherapy has not only helped the rich or famous but has helped people from all walks of life. To see the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can help you contact me.

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