Do you need some business advice?

Iffy Khan our specalist Business consultant and personal coach is on hand to offer his expertise and guidance in the world of business. If you feel you are struggling in your business or not making as much money as you could then an appointment with Iffy Khan may be needed. From building a business plan to meeting targets. He can help those who are in need of  business guidance and who wish to create a successful and booming business! Iffy Khan also offers visits to organisations who require business guidance.

Iffy Khan has had a lot of experience working with clients and offering his advice to those who wish to successfully start or maintain a business. For example, a previous client of Iffy”s is now the successful owner of a pet food business. Irffy has worked with hundreds of people in reaching their business goals. Iffy also offers sessions via skype and phone.

Iffy will  be able to meet you personally in the slough and central London areas for FREE. If you would like Iffy to meet outside of these areas then an additional fee of normaly £10-20 will be charged to cover petrol costs. Please contact us for further information regarding this.

Iffy also holds business consultations via Skpe and Phone for a reduced fee.

Fees: Skype: £30 per hour

Phone: £40 per hour

Face to face business consultation: £50 in Slough and £70 in London

Irfan Khan’s qualifications include:

  • Business management degree
  • Over 6 years experience for a business management consultancy as a Senior Consultant
  • Business coaching certificate
  • 10 years business management experience.

Please call Iffy on 07514 822536 for more info or contact us here.

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