The NHS and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been provedĀ  very effective at treating the symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, which is characterised by abdominal pain or discomfort, cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or both. Its symptoms can range from mild to very severe and debilitating.

In a study at whittington hospital,where the first NHS hypnotherapy unit is established, more than 200 patients underwent gut directed hypnotherapy to76071-20131104(1) help treat the symptoms of IBS. Each patient were required to record their quality of life, their anxiety levels and their symptoms.

Researchers found that 71% of patients responded very well to hypnotherapy. Most of the results were lasting, therefore concluding that the benefits of hypnotherapy appeared to last at least 5 years therefore making it a viable and therapeutic option in treating the effects of IBS.

(Source: Daily Mail online, 29/04/2014)

Other benefits of hypnotherapy for treating the symptoms of IBS include:

  • Hypnotherapy often helps those individuals who have failed to have any success with other forms of treatment such as medications.
  • Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, comfortable and unique way to help alleviate the symptoms of IBS.
  • Unlike medications, there are no side affects with using hypnotherapy.
  • Hypnotherapy uses the power of your own mind to create positive change and wellbeing.
  • The results of hypnotherapy last for a long time- thereby saving you money and time.

IBS is not the only issue that hypnotherapy has helped with. To view other clinically validated research into the effects of hypnotherapy on a whole range of issues. click here.

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