Neuro Lingustic Programming


So What is Neuro Lingusitc Programming?

NLP or Neuro linguist programming is the process of understanding how each person makes sense of his or her world though sensory filters and their ‘model of the world’. ‘Neuro’ refers to neurology or the neurology of the mind and how we may process the information through our five senses; visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Linguistics refers to how our model of the world is coded and given meaning. So for example, by pictures, our perceptions, words (talking to ourselves) body language and other non verbal means. Programming refers to the patterns or programmes that we use to achieve our outcomes. NLP is therefore, like learning the language of your own mind.

Lets make the idea of NLP easier with a few examples.

If there’s an occasion, where you feel down or a little blue, get up, stare at the ceiling whilst smiling and sing happy birthday for about 30 seconds. I know it sounds a very strange but just try it.

Now how are you feeling?

By trying out the exercise above,your pretty much telling your mind that your not depressed therefore you may notice, (possibly after some repeated attempts) that you may actually start to feel better.

Has there been an occasion where you wished you would stop eating so much, stop procrastinating, be better at relationships, feel more confident about yourself or stop getting angry or frustrated over small insignificant things? I’m sure the answer is ‘yes’.

NLP is about communicating with your mind in order to train it to stop doing the things that you DON’T WANT it to do. Often we may do the things we actually don’t want to do because our unconscious mind THINKS it’s what we want. Its like trying to communicate with a taxi driver in another country who doesn’t understand your language and drives you to the wrong location! That’s how our unconscious mind works. If we don’t learn how to communicate with our unconscious mind properly it will keep driving us to the wrong location.

Think of Neuro lingustic programming like a guide for your mind. Train to communicate with it better and it will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Some of the benefits of NLP include:

Change unwanted, or undesirable behaviours

Change your internal representations about the world.

Get rid of the limiting beliefs and negative thinking that are holding you back in life

Improve communication with yourself and with others.

Be in control of your OWN behaviors and states rather than letting other people’s actions influence you. Being in control in response to the behaviors and events of others is an powerful tool to have in life.

Whatever happened in your life you can move on from it. Whatever issues you have you can deal with it. There is no way you have to feel or accept any feelings of negativity, unwanted habits, thinking or beliefs. You can achieve your goals and desired outcomes. Its just a matter of communicating this effectively with you and your mind. At The Mind Lounge, that’s what we do.

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