slide4Below are just some of the testimonials from clients. Due to the National council of Hypnotherapy and National Counselling society guidelines on confidentiality, names and personal details have not been included in the following testimonials. These testimonials are verifiable. Initials or names have not been included  to protect the complete privacy of the client.
Hi Sidra
> This is my scales this morning. After years of wanting to be at this weight again I’ve finally been able to make it happen. I’m utterly convinced that I couldn’t have been able to do this without your help.
> Warmest regards
> N
Hi ya I’m totally happy for you to share my pic on your testimonials page (& even my following words).  I feel that you were far more than a guide.  After years of experimenting with numerous ways to stop the rebellious self-sabotage…none of which worked.  Telling a friend that my experiments weren’t working who said something so simple I hadn’t considered it “you need outside help.”  And then I found you (thank you Google…lol).  When people ask me how am I doing it I tell them “getting my head in the right place  = 70% of the work + eating the right foods for ME = 25% + exercise = 5%.  The other key contributing factor has been logging my calorie intake via a food/beverage diary (I like a website called nutracheck (www.nutracheck.co.uk)). Now that I’m at 56kg…I’m keen to get a smidgen lower to 52.?kg.  I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time.  I’ve started running again & it feels GREAT!!!





 ‘Felt very relaxed afterwards, have felt a different mindset to food/way of eating after a lifetime of old habits. Got help to letting an aspect of me go. Could not have done this without help. Have had many lightbulb moments…Could not have come as far as I have without Sidra…’ Female…Langley (2 sessions)

“Sidra created a great environment and made me so mindful of who I was and how to move forward and achieve what I was missing. Teaching me some great techniques to help me along my journey. It was the most revealing thing I’ve ever done. Thank you so much!…”Male, London..(2 sessions)


‘I feel so much better in my self and would like to see you for couple more weeks so I have long term affect..’ Thankyou. Female… Langley..


‘Im happy to give it a try with you.. you have helped so much’..Female.. Maidenhead.. (a client who wanted to try giving up smoking after I helped her with anxiety)


‘No one  has done for me what you have’...Female, Maidenhead..(Same Client as above after sucessfully giving up smoking)


‘Hi Sidra hope you are well, Iam fantastic, the wedding went perfectly. I really enjoyed the whole day. I was so calm I couldnt believe it, no panic attacks and the day went almost as you described it in the sessions, had a good laugh with all the guests while I was waiting for ——– and my voice when it came to the weddding vows was pretty much normal. Had lots of texts from the guests the day after and all said what a great day and how pleased they were to be asked to be part of our special day and how much they enjoyed it. Thankyou so much or all your help, you certainly are a miracle worker.’…(for anxiety) Male, Maidenhead


“Sidra facilitated/allowed me to reset my approaches towards dealing with; issues at work, family demands, allowing time for my needs..”… Female, Iver


 “Focused hypnosis really helped with instant change of my behaviour and attitude to how I feel about life and outlook. These sessions have been invaluable. They have prevented me spiralling downwards and have put a stop to negative thoughts. I would highly recommend Sidra in her expertise in this field as she is quite remarkable in the way I have been helped. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family..” Female, Slough

“Thanks for all your help in 2014.You have made a difference to my life and Iam very grateful! See you again … (Female, Maidenhead)


‘I have tried to kick the smoking habit before but I found it impossible. I can’t believe how just one session stopped my bad habit that bothered me for years! I can thoroughly recommend a Hypnotherapy session with Sidra to anyone’ Thank you!…Female, Guilford (one session)
“Sidra is very good at hypnotherapy. Would recommend her to anyone!” …Male, Slough (one session)


 “EXCELLENT. Very professional, I’m coping much better with my drink problem. Haven’t touched a drop! I recommend it!”…Male, Slough (Third session)


‘Noticing changes in behaviour already.. see you Tuesday…’ Female, Slough (after only one session for weightloss)


“..I have managed to practice a few of the breathing techniques you gave me during my driving test. I have passed my driving test without any minor mistake as well..” Female, Slough..(a client who previously failed her driving test ‘twice’ before, but passed her driving test after having only one session of hypnotherapy with me)


 Hi Sidra, i can already feel the difference. I have had good/healthy snacks, I feel fine with smaller portions and I feel more energy which is exactly what I was looking for’..(after one session for weightloss) Female, Langley


“Hiya thanks for the session yesterday. I feel good today and stronger…thanks so much for everything” xxx


“I was not expecting hypnosis to have an instant impact on my life!”… Female, Slough (one session)


“The first hypno session enabled me to compleatly remove all anger and any reactions/and negative behaviours I have towards situations of jealousy and out of control thoughts. My mood became positive, more like my real self which is warm and loving in nature-the way I really am. This worked in difficult meetings when I was frustrated but so helped me to overcome this. The second session reinforced my outlook to be more positive and calm. Thank you” :-)… Female, Langley


‘Friendly and professional. The session helped me to think less about the flight and the associated fear,and to instead focus on the destination and the joy that comes from it’..Male, London. (one session)


‘Hi Sidra Just writing to say thank you so much after having one weight loss session with you. It has made a tremendous difference to my life, look forward to next weeks session and building on the progress even further.


‘I will be recommending you to all the people In the local weight loss group which I am a member of. Your doing great work. Keep it up! Your making a real difference to the lives of the people that come to see you. Your location is very good and easy to get to and your rates are market leading with a very relaxing room. overall 10 out of 10 :)..Male, Slough
“After one session I have quit smoking. Not had a cigarette since. Feel so much better, the session was also relaxing…Male, Slough ( one session)


‘The sessions have exceeded my personal expectations in social/work situations. Which have given me new source of motivation as well as the potential to open up new and exciting opportunities…Male, Slough.


‘Feel better within myself, gaining my confidence back, eating properly, sleeping properly and not as anxious!’…Female,Slough


“Hypno seems to be going well. I don’t seem to be craving food and am eating much healthier! Thank you for your help!..Female Slough (after only one session for weight loss )


“Feeling calmer day by day, I’m able to handle situations more favourably and enjoying social situations more…I”m in control of my life” Male, Slough


“I feel keen to take on new challenges. Feel calmer to take things more in my stride and also noticeably calmer in many situations over the last few weeks . Iam able to enjoy and get more out of my experiences!… Male Slough


“Feel better within myself, gaining my confidence back, eating properly, sleeping properly and not as anxious!”…Female, Slough


“I”m feeling much calmer and focused in all situations, have more self belief and new possibilities, feel more approachable and other people are responding more favourably”..Male, Slough.


“The sessions made me accept that anger is normal and helped me handle it in a more positive way…”…..Female, Slough (2nd session)


“I’m socially more comfortable and able to deal with situations more naturally” Male, Slough


“I feel I have more control over the direction and quality of my lIfe”..Male, Slough


“Felt a load of progress has been made since my last session: much reduced anxiety, more confidence/contentment, more focused and optimistic”… Male, Slough


“I feel very relaxed, not worrying about the future..Happier to go about the rest of the day with positivity”… Female, Slough (1st session)


“My shield (thereupeutic technique learnt during hypnotherapy session) was an instant tool, which helped me the following day to my surprise, to handle a work/social situation far better than past experiences!’…Male, Maidenhead (First session)


“Hi Sidra just some feedback. The results from our last session were good by Wednesday (profoundly so I think). Feels like a missing part of me was restored-hopefully not temporary. See you again on Monday, thanks,.. Male, Slough (2nd session)


‘I was in lot of emotional and physical pain and was at the end of my tether. A session with Sidra actually enabled me to get out of that lonely quagmire of pain and to carry on…’Female, London



‘Im feeling very positve, went for a walk earlier and looking forward to getting back on my bike next week’..Male, Berkshire (3rd session)


‘Feeling more positive about myself, and in control of food!’..Male, Berkshire( 4th session)


‘Very relaxed. Feel uplifted and positive about the steps I will choose to take in the future..’Female, Ascot.


 ‘Excellent. Very relaxing’..Female, Maidenhead (relaxation session)


‘More energy, Given up sugar in tea, less snacking and interested in exercise..’Female, Missenden (3rd session)


“More relaxed and coming to terms about my phobia”… Male, Slough, Berkshire (one session)



Sidra Khan: BSc Psychology (Hons), MBPsS, MNCH (Reg), Dip. Hyp, C.Hyp, PNLP

Contact: 07526 000360

Contact: 07526 000360


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